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What are the Important Vitamins Needed for Our Bodies?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Let’s say that vitamins are highly important for human bodies to enhance one’s growth, development, reproduction, and mental health. Therefore, their deficiency is considered as a massive threat for our bodies.

There are around different thirty types of vitamins found in our dietary sources either plants or animals. Some vitamins are fat-soluble as A, K, E, and D vitamins, in addition to other vitamins, which are water-soluble as B vitamin complex, and C vitamin. It is essential to know that such vitamins have different characteristics.

For example, they differ in the way of absorption; since water-soluble types are absorbed more quickly than the fat-soluble ones, and if they excess the limit they are excreted easily, while the fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the liver. Besides, if there is deficiency of certain vitamin, the doctor during diagnosis has to check the function of the body organs, like liver and kidney, to know the real cause of the problem.

The human body can’t synthesize the vitamins, so their intake as a part of certain diet is necessary for body health and vitality. Moreover, Severe or even fatal diseases are often caused by their reduction. Vitamin deficiencies are related to specific diseases like blindness when there is A vitamin deficiency, anemia when there is B6 vitamin deficiency, scurvy when there is vitamin C deficiency.

Accordingly, many supplements are made to supply the body with the needed vitamins but you have to take into consideration that they are still related to drugs, so they have side effects besides their benefits. As a result, risks can easily take place especially if they are taken with other medications or before surgeries. Therefore, if you don’t have any problems and the doctor doesn’t prescribe these supplements, you should eat healthy diet with main nutritional items to support your body with all needed vitamins.

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