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At Jargon, we are aware that the legal translations need a great deal of accuracy and professionality. Therefore, adhering to the source text and translating it in a professional way, requires a pool of dedicated legal linguists whose academic background, knowledge and experience enable them to act better.

Jargon’s legal linguists have studied the main theories of legal translations, trained on the state-of-art CAT tools and localization technologies and applied them on their legal texts to have a natural, professional output.

Judge and Gavel

Jargon’s recruitment process for legal linguists is a multi-step process that includes: testing the general language background of the candidate, testing one’s expertise in legal areas and how he or she can translate his or her knowledge into a professional output and testing candidate’s knowledge in localization as a whole.

As for the linguistic procedures, the text is usually completed through four steps, namely: the translation phase that is run by a senior legal translator, the bilingual revision that is run by a skillful senior legal reviewer, the proofreading phase that is run by one of our dedicated proofreaders and finally the subject matter review that is completed by a lawyer or a legal counsel.

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Jargon offers a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Translation of all types of contracts, agreements, arrangements, laws and regulations.

  • Translation of all types of auxiliary documents.

  • Translation of local and international legislation acts.

  • Translation of court judgements, instructions, petitions and applications.

  • Translation of establishment documents.

  • Proofreading, screen review and debriefing for different types of legal documents.

  • DTP.

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Jargon offers its legal services in most of language pairs at affordable prices, within reasonable time and with good quality.

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