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Jargon Hears You


Recording Microphone

Jargon offers a new service to its clients to hear different voices using the state-of-art technologies.

We come now with “Voiceover” service to support this production technique with our unique voice talents.

Our team has been working on building a strong database that includes professional, skillful and well-trained voiceover talents to complete our projects with a unique touch. If you need narration for an interview, program, documentary…etc.

Jargon can provide you with a pool of voice talents in most of languages. As usual, Jargon cares for completing voiceover projects at professional quality, reasonable time and affordable prices.


Copying Down

Jargon always looks forward to reviving texts with its natural translations. Therefore, we found out that it is time for introducing Jargon heroes of subtitling to our clients all over the world. Over years and years, subtitling has been able to mirror concepts of different cultures in foreign languages with great fruits of bridging global minds, uncovering innovations and connecting people. Whether you are looking forward to using screen subtitling systems, file-based & live playout, captioning or time delay, Jargon can provide you with talented professionals in most of worldwide languages who complete their jobs in very good quality at reasonable time.


Radio Producer

While localization pays great attention to the taste of written text, dubbing plays a vital role in reviving spoken words in different languages. Jargon gathers excellent dubbing talents with state-of-art technologies to create unique output and let our clients stand out from the crowds. Moreover, Jargon studios are ready, dubbing languages are multiple and audience satisfaction is always targeted by Jargon dubbing teams. Dubbed soundtracks here in Jargon are always amazing, exciting and natural. We care for this unique post-production process to make video production and filmmaking a journey of success.

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