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Nowadays, online learning programs, websites and applications have become the core concept in the learning process all over the world. Your kids can now attend their school lessons online. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can level your skills up and upgrade your job role by acquiring wider knowledge on specific field, studying in a certain online academy, testing your knowledge and getting your certifications. On business level, if you are an employer, a corporate owner or a businessman, you can get the best of e-learning by providing tutorials, courses, lessons and new technologies to your employees to expand your business and gain great fruits. Language at this point has a lot to do. Via localization, you can adapt the e-learning material into a wide range of languages and dialects, putting cultural components into consideration. Being aware of the vital role that online learning plays in our life, Jargon’s team decided to engage a talented pool of linguists to provide a bundle of language services for e-learning industry including:

  • Localization of learning websites, programs, applications and online courses.

  • Translation of e-books and online learning portals.

  • Translation of online tests for intranational schools, academies, faculties and education centers around the world.

  • Localization of gamification techniques that are included in e-learning programs.

  • Localization of Programs for Computer-based training (CBT) and Web-based training (WBT).

  • Voice-over, dubbing and subtitling for almost all types of e-learning.

Jargon Can Help

Image by Tim Mossholder

Jargon’s e-learning team members are fully aware of its content and how it can be engaging, learner-centered, interactive and personalized. This clearly appears in their understanding of self-study, social, game-based, mobile, video-audio, CBTs & WBTs and blended methods of e-learning. Accordingly, Jargon runs four professional linguistic phases on e-learning texts to guarantee a professional output. These include the translation phase, the bilingual revision phase, the monolingual proofreading and the SME (subject-matter expert) review. Following these steps in our process, we offer you professional language services for your e-learning material.

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