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Do you remember the games we grew up with when we were kids and were in every house? Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and even more games that have influenced us. Well, no need for reminiscing because those games didn’t disappear. You can still play them on any console and you don’t have to go to an arcade to play them. In this blog, I will introduce you to the retro games world and how to access those games.

Retro games originally were in arcades only and to play them you need to go to an arcade that has a game of your preference. However, with the immerge of gaming consoles, it has become easy to enjoy games at your house. There were many released devices that enabled gamers to enjoy their games such as Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 1, Sega Saturn and Nintendo DS. Back then, having those consoles costed a lot of money and the process of buying games was tiring. People used to line up for days before the release of new games. People treasured their consoles and retro games that people up till now still have their old consoles. Fortunately, we can play retro games now on our current consoles and this process is called porting. You can find the games in your local online shops on different consoles. If you still own or want to buy one of the old consoles, you can buy the games at any game store and they are easily accessible.

Even though we have new consoles and games, retro games still have popularity until now. I asked a few of our retro gamers readers why they enjoy retro games and I summed up their answers to the following: According to retro gamers, retro games’ main attraction to them is the nostalgia they feel while playing those games. They love the unique music that retro games offer (like 8-bit music) and they say that they enjoy the music just like people enjoy classics. They find the simple graphics rather enjoyable on the contrary to a lot of gamers who prefer detailed graphics. They enjoy the simple gameplay and believe that it’s easy to follow. They say that even though the gameplay is easy, it doesn’t relatively mean that the games are easy because to them, the difficulty varies but the games are still enjoyable regardless.

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