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Language service providers who choose to offer translation for financial texts know well that accuracy and precision are the keywords to guarantee the good quality. Therefore, the financial linguists should have in-depth knowledge of the financial subjects and the related terminology, structures and formats. Quality here is always a must and any errors in numbers, dates or information can lead to misunderstanding of the text and finally absence of the right decision. Being aware of how accurate this process shall be, Jargon engaged a vast network of financial linguists to offer a very good financial text.

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After Jargon’s project management team receives the financial project, we start to run our usual process that guarantees accuracy, precision and good quality. Firstly, a financial senior translator runs the translation of the financial text.

Secondly, a professional financial senior reviewer completes the bilingual revision phase to make sure that numbers, information and structures are suitable for the financial text. Then, a dedicated proofreader with detailed financial knowledge runs the monolingual revision by correcting typo, grammatical and structural errors.


Finally, Jargon adds a taste of professionals by running a subject matter expert review by an accountant or financial consultant to have a final professional output. QA checkers are always used on different projects to guarantee accuracy.

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Jargon offers a wide range of financial services, including:


-Translation of balance sheets

-Translation of due diligence checklists

-Translation of financial statements

-Translation of market research

-Translation of funds reports

-Translation of risk/asset management documents

-Translation of audit reports

-Translation of mergers/acquisitions texts

-LSO, proofreading, screen review and debriefing for different financial texts.


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Jargon offers financial services in more than 100 languages, in good quality, affordable prices and reasonable time.

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