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Arabic…Our Beautiful Native Tongue

Arabic language is one of the top six of the world’s major languages. It is widely used among the Arab and Muslim populations as the language of the Qur’an (the holy book of Islam). Arabic is also a Semitic language like Hebrew & Aramaic. This rich language shows the fullest development of typical Semitic structure of words. Arabic word is composed of two parts: the root that gives the basic lexical meaning of the word & the pattern that gives the grammatical meaning to the word. Arabic language is also rich with its beautiful structures, strong expressions and prosperous aesthetics Arabic grammar (an-naḥw al-‘arabī) has many similarities with the grammar of other Semitic languages. Moreover, Arabic grammar rules are usually related to the literary language & the modern standard Arabic, but there are still many dialects of Arabic language in which you can see great differences. Let’s have a deeper look into some of Arabic dialects that are used in various places.

On the map, you can see a pool of modern Arabic varieties that are classified into five groups: Maghrebi, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Levantine and Peninsular Arabic :


Maghrebi Arabic includes:

Egyptian Arabic includes:

  • MSA (Modern Standard Arabic)

  • Massry

  • Saidi

  • Nubi


Mesopotamian Arabic includes:


Levantine Arabic includes:

North Levantine Arabic include:

  • Syria: The dialect of Damascus&  the dialect of Aleppo.

  • Lebanon: North Lebanese, South Lebanese (Metuali, Shii), North-Central Lebanese (Mount Lebanon Arabic), South-Central Lebanese (Druze Arabic), Standard Lebanese, Beqaa, Sunni Beiruti, Saida Sunni, Iqlim-Al-Kharrub Sunni, Jdaideh

  • Çukurova, Turkey: Cilician/Çukurovan

  • Galilean Druze Arabic: A form of Druze Arabic spoken in Northern Israel




South Levantine Arabic includes:


Peninsular Arabic includes:


After our journey with this wide range of dialects, Jargon proudly announces that we do our best to engage Arabic native linguists from different places to offer you a pool of Arabic varieties with a unique finish. Our Arabic linguists are always ready to complete your project in a professional way!

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