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At the age of technology, information technology and software industries have been playing a vital role in our everyday life and business.


People all over the world can now use the same programs, applications, software and information technology systems. Therefore, it has become a matter of emergency to localize the content of software and information technology in different languages and dialects.


Software/IT localization has succeeded to combat the language barriers by enabling people worldwide to access different types of programs and software systems in their own languages, with their local taste.

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

Jargon cares for adopting specific rules at recruitment process to engage talented technical linguists whose expertise dives deep into multiple types of software and information technology localization.


A translation phase is run by a technical senior translator who has an academic background of software translation & localization.


Then, bilingual revision is run by a technical senior reviewer who uses his tools and skills to revise software and information technology texts Proofreading phase is also run to create almost error-free technical texts. As for SME review, it is run here by software and information technology developers and programmers to add a professional taste on our texts.

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

Localization of Software and information technology at Jargon Company covers a wide range of services to add a unique value to our global clients. This includes:

  • Localization of Technical Manuals

  • Localization of Cooking Applications

  • Localization of Entertainment Applications

  • Localization of Learning Applications

  • Localization of Antivirus Programs

  • Localization of Operating Systems

  • Localization of Software Systems

  • Localization of Printers Scanners

  • Localization of Mobile Phones, Cameras & More.

  • DTP

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