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Our connected world has a number of pillars on which it depends and the industry of hospitality is always considered to be a major factor for removing boundaries among all countries and different peoples. The hospitality industry is a wide category that includes accommodation, transportation, tour operators, tour wholesales (inbound and outbound), attractions and theme parks, retail travel agents, Information services, exhibitions, meetings and events. Hospitality & tourism sector is a successful job creator and a unique economy contributor, generating about $1 trillion in economic output each year. 

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Decision makers, who put strategies and plans for the hospitality & tourism sector, always pay great attention to technology, health & wellbeing, seamless connectivity, sustainability & eco-friendly practices, personalized services, self-promotion and all of this should be in alignment with the needs of international travelers. At this point, localization as “an industry of adapting a product or a service to meet the needs of a particular language, culture and taste of targeted population” is a keyword in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

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Jargon’s team can cooperate with tourism properties’ decision makers, owners and staff to provide all of their services to different peoples. This is guaranteed by Jargon’s team of linguists who knows well how to localize the landmarks of a particular place, the advantages of loyal programs for airlines, hotels & restaurants, the hotel rooms’ amenities, facilities and services, the award-winning properties and their unique services, the unique taste for the worldwide cuisines. And we can also work together to draw the ways in order to gain more profits and earn a vast wealth. We also have a wide experience in localization of booking websites, applications and programs and how to adapt text in a simple but professional way. Jargon can offer our valued clients in the hospitality & tourism sector a bundle of language services, including: 

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