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VR Games

Technology keeps moving forward every day. This evolution of course includes the gaming industry. Gaming companies introduced a new innovation in gaming which is VR. Taking first person gaming into a new stage, the new generation of gaming has attracted everyone around the globe on this new invention.

VR stands for virtual reality. It was first introduced in 1957 by Morton Heilig. VR games allow the players to feel as if they are inside the game itself, giving the feeling of ‘virtual reality’ to the games. Players experience the world of the game as if they are the protagonists of the said game which allows them to experience the game in full dimension. This technology is available for everyone by purchasing certain gear and accessories to give the player the feeling of being inside the game. The accessories needed vary according to the game actually such as headsets/goggles, sensor-equipped gloves, hand controllers, and of course a console that can handle the VR games. Consoles actually vary when it comes to VR and the only condition for it to work is a good device for example, you can play VR games on laptops, consoles and even your phone! There are VR that could be played solo and others online with friends so you get to travel to the game’s world and enhance the experience even more with friends. There are sub genres of VR gaming that use related technologies called augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), where virtual elements are placed into the player's real world as viewed through a headset or camera. Unlike regular gaming, VR challenges players to be physically active in the game in order to progress. The VR accessories allow you to see and react to things in the game according to how you’d react in real life. The full dimension field alongside the sensors in the accessories allows the game to be alive.

VR gaming is considered to be the new generation of the gaming world as a whole. VR games offer a life changing experience for players by immersing them in the game completely like never before. Gaming companies are racing to enhance VR even more and give the players the complete experience of gaming. Some players even hope that in the future, you can use all your senses inside the games. Those dreams wouldn’t have been possible without the emergence of VR.

What do you think VR gaming? Do you own any VR accessories? Let us know in the comments.

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