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Energy is considered to be the motor of our modern life. It is a vibrant component on our planet that is increasingly consumed as a cause for survival.

There are different types of energy sources that are used worldwide including: fossil fuels, nuclear power, biofuels, hydro, and other renewables such as solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Since, energy is simply defined as “the ability to work”, it is all about how different things change and move. Accordingly, energy consumption in a country, is an indicator of its economic development, movement and growth. As this aspect is one of great importance, it shall be translated into worldwide languages and dialects, and Localization can properly play this role.


Either they are linked to a technical manual, a tutorial, a website or a newsletter, energy topics require a high level of technical specialization to complete the relevant linguistic tasks in a professional way.

Being aware of these specific aspects of energy industry, Jargon adopts a unique methodology to complete such projects.

We usually select an expert linguist to complete the translation phase with no less than five-year experience.

That is to say he/she usually has been working for many years on translation of energy topics such as: petroleum industry, Onshore/Offshore excavation, production process of natural gas, use of fossil fuels to generate energy, clean power, electricity industry and more.

Thus, our translators can complete this step with a unique touch that not only reflects their linguistic talent, but also implies their specialization.

Then, the energy topic that has been translated comes now to the second phase of bilingual revision.

This step is one of great importance and bilingual reviewers for energy topics are considered to be our real warriors whose minds dive deep into fields of oil & gas, travel to wind mills, escape to solar cells to discover more secrets about their details.

Those heroes are fully equipped with their skills, glossaries, linguistic tools, search tips and quality control tools to review the text and guarantee a perfect technical output. Afterwards, two other linguistic phases are run namely: proofreading phase that is run on target text and SME or subject-matter expert review that is completed by a talented technician or a specialized engineer to provide linguistically & technically error-free product.

Jargon team of linguists is always ready to analyze your text, study your requirements and use the necessary tools to offer a customized service that can meets our clients’ needs and translate their ideas into the world.

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