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During the last years, gaming has become integral part of the leisure activity and addictive for players with different ages. However, nowadays games become no longer simple as it evolves everyday according to every culture, genre, age, device and many other factors. So we, at Jargon, provide translation of video game content and work on a wide variety of game platforms.


Our translators are avid gamers, so they know what your audiences want. Because they adapt rather than translate.

Our goal is to make your gamers feel as if the game was created in their native language.

In games, a normal translation won’t be enough. So, we use transcreation which enhances the translation & localization processes.

Numbers Game
  •   Essentially, the nature of gaming industry requires increasing attention to each game internalization, as game localization is very tricky because each game has its own terminologies, concepts, culture and style.

  •  For that reason, above providing professional gaming localization services, our translators are avid gamers who well-aware of the users and have experience of gaming nature & platforms.

  •    Because we know it is not just about translation, it is about providing the players'  audience with an experience that feels local. So, you can easily translate the subtitles, instruction manual, game content, and localize the marketing content of your game in different regions where you want to launch the game.

All Hands In
  •  Culturalization is a main step to adapt the game content and takes care of every fine detail in the game, so it’s more important than localization process. 

  •   There are top four cultural variables to consider: History, Religion and Belief Systems, Ethnicity and Cultural Friction, Geopolitical Imaginations/perspective. And any issue of any of these, your game may be banned from the most sensitive markets. These factors are making the content meaningful to adapt and provide locale-specific options for the game.

What we do?

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  •  Our reviewers are also avid gamers who have extensive knowledge about gaming culture and localization.

  •       Our reviewers making sure that translators understand dialogues, characters and all elements of the game environment.

  •     Our reviewers check the linguistic accuracy & consistency through the file.

  •    Our reviewers ensure that the content of translation is culturally appropriate

  •     Our reviewers make sure that content is error- free one and the text is understandable.

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Ensure that the text contains neither grammatical nor spelling mistakes and understandable to the target audience.

Localization Testing
Video Game

 We have a native target language testers to ensure good quality of the localized text in your games, checking mistranslation, spelling mistakes, cultural misinterpretations, overlapping or overrunning text.

  We ensure that all localized content is linguistically correct, consistent and properly displayed.

Sign off

  Performing a visual QA to be sure that the file doesn't contain: broken language, naturalness, Taboo language or cultural references.

     Running final Check to be sure that all the content perfectly appears.

We provide video game translations of different genres

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Covering All Platforms

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