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What does localization mean?

Localization is considered to be one of the main factors that spreads the word about a certain product in a specific market and adapts texts into a particular locale. It is defined as a process of modifying texts to a specific locale or a certain market. Therefore, it goes beyond translation to include adapting consumers’ tastes, culture and consumption habits. Localization also covers modifying date formats, addresses, phone numbers, graphics, designs, layouts…etc. to draw a perfect painting for a successful product in one locale.


Why localization is a game-changing process?


At ages of globalization, people around the world can communicate, buy & sell one another’s services & products and use one another’s applications, websites and programs. Therefore, localization of your content can help via:

  • Having an outstanding campaign for your products in the worldwide markets, reaching a fruitful result.

  • Spreading the word about global ideas, ideologies, reforms, thoughts, resolutions and much more among certain people.

  • Providing online learning courses, seminars, webinars and much more on global level to support education all over the world. 

  • Using technologies to convert texts in easier way, using: DTP (Desktop Publishing), LE (Localization Engineering), MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) and much more.

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Jargon can localize and globalize your text by providing:


  1. Website Localization Service from & into more than 100 languages.

  2. Localization of manuals, publications, e-books, online courses, marketing plans’ slides, medical devices and much more.

  3. DTP service for different types of files.

  4. Gaming & QA Testing Services.

  5. Localization of legal documents, financial statements, medical reports, IT & Software Material, Tourism Projects and Websites and much more.

  6. A pool of localizers who have the ability to use most of CAT tools, including but not limited to, Trados, Passolo, XTM, Synergy, Dejavu, Memoq, Memosource, Smartcat, Smartling, Workspace, X-bench, LTB, Verifika and much more.

  7. Debriefing, LQI, QA, QC and Testing Services.

  8. Dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, transcription, transcreation and interpretation.

Jargon can help with all of those services and more at affordable prices, reasonable time and perfect quality.

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