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About Jargon


Jargon for Language & Localization Services is a promising, fast-growing company & one of EAGLE members with a seasoned team of linguists whose academic & technical knowledge dives deep into translation & localization industry for many years. Jargon people are our valued assets, so our experienced talent managers exert great efforts to engage skillful linguists with a progressive mindset and a forward-looking vision to perfectly adapt to new market needs. Our impressive talents have enabled us to work on multiple fields including: life sciences, games, software/IT, legal, financial, E-commerce, E-commerce, E-learning, tourism/hospitality, heavy machinery, automotive and more. Jargon localization engineering team members also have a perfect remote access system supported by the state-of-art CAT tools know-how to overcome technical challenges.

Native & Specialized


Within their interesting but hard journey, Jargon vendor managers do their best to get in touch with talented native speakers whose practical experience qualify them to complete our projects in the best quality. Our indigenous talents work on the most of international languages & dialects including: the African, Asian, European, Caribbean & Mideastern languages and more. They shall complete a number of tests to make sure that they can keep our vision in mind and comply with our ethics. For life sciences projects, we select talented linguists whose academic background meet the scientific requirements for this specialized field. We also have a massive number of lawyers, legal consultants, accountants, gamers and many other professionals who are chosen according to the project field to complete our usual linguistic phases in a flawless language & natural style.

Punctuality, Quick Responsiveness & One-day Service

Accuracy is one of the main values that Jargon people always look after. The project at our agency is subject to a chain of professional phases that starts with translation and end up with SME phase in certain fields where accurate & punctual output is an ultimate goal. Quality control procedure shall be run on all of our final deliveries to offer error-free texts. This includes QA checkers & tools that can spot grammatical, spelling, punctuation & even stylistic errors. Our quick responders work around the clock to ensure timely delivery and adhere to accurate deadlines. One-day service is also available at Jargon to save our clients’ time and effort. At this point we work hard to provide our clients with qualified & quick shooters, translators & proofreaders to deliver as quick as possible with our usual quality.

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