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Urdu Language

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language that is mainly spoken in South Asia and it is the main official tongue of Pakistan. It is also recognized by the Constitution of India as an eighth schedule language. So, there are over 100 million native speakers of Urdu in India and Pakistan. This important language has a few recognized dialects, including Dakhni, Dhakaiya, Rekhta, and Modern Vernacular Urdu. Urdu has been increasingly used in the world of business as it is one of the top 20 spoken languages in the world.

Many international large-scale companies have drawn great attention to Urdu to achieve their goals of expansion in Asian markets. Being aware of the importance of Urdu translation in business sector, Jargon offers many language services in this is interesting, supported by a very dedicated team of native who have been strictly tested to offer a professional output to our valued clients.

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