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Recently, training has become a rapidly-changing and innovating process. Translation is known to be the pulse of breakthroughs in science and technology.

Therefore, at the era of technology, introducing new techniques and offering training courses related to localization and CAT tools, have been an important part of translation industry as a whole.


Being aware of the vital role that training can play in people’s career path, Jargon courses can be the one-stop solution for acquiring wide knowledge in translation, localization and the state-of-art CAT tools.

Jargon provides a bundle of training courses, some of which are free, while other ones are offered at reasonable prices to spread our knowledge on wide levels and among multiple segments.

Our trainers are carefully selected by our talent acquisition team, so all of them have more than ten-year experience and they are professional in translation and localization industries.

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Jargon’s training courses include:

  • General Translation Course.

  • Localization Rules.

  • CAT Tools.

  • Translation Error Categories.

  • Translation Error Types.

  • Feedback Management.

Jargon adopts the motto of “Trainee…To Be Jargon’s Employee”.

Therefore, we give our promising trainees a great opportunity to join our working team after completing the training courses as well as granting them the certificates after course completion. Many of our trainees have already joined our team of linguists after showing their excellence during the training courses.

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