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Translation is like a colorful painting that is drawn by a language artist. A glowing picture imitates the real object, while a wonderful translation reflects the source text in a clear but aesthetic way that guides readers instead of misleads them.
Believing that this art plays a vital role in every context in today’s world, Jargon has been successful at hiring a pool of native linguists for more than 100 languages and dialects all over the world. Jargon team members are keen on drawing this painting together in a perfect way so that:
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Jargon Company hires linguistic talents from around the world, applying very restrictive conditions to ensure that the final output is excellent. Accordingly, our candidates shall pass many tests, sign some papers and provide a number of trusted references to join Jargon’s team.

Jargon Company adopts a unique process to deliver a high-quality text. Thus, we usually run four linguistic steps on our full TEP (Translation, editing and proofreading) tasks that include: translation, bilingual revision, monolingual proofreading and SME (subject matter expert) revision.


Jargon Company’s team believes that “Translation is the Art of Communication”, therefore communication with clients is a matter of great importance for all of our team members, to know exactly what he or she really needs to do. Besides, the linguists who work on every task are usually connected via multiple channels to coordinate their efforts and produce a beautiful translated text.

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Jargon Company pays great attention to specification, believing that “Experts Do it Better”, so Jargon has three main brands, each of which has unique email address for communication, independent profile and a dedicated team of linguists, project mangers and vendor managers as follows:

Accordingly, you will have your text translated by specialized native linguists, with good quality, in a cooperative environment that provides you with affordable prices and great commitment.

“Be sure…Be Jargon”

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