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Toxicology is the Field of Safety

There is no doubt that toxicology is considered as the science that aids in understanding the harmful effects on people, animals, and the environment that are caused by chemicals, substances, or toxic applications. Besides, this science helps in predicting how these substances can affect the body and harm it. You should keep in mind that not everyone will respond in the same way, since there are many factors that have an impact on whether the individual will get a disease or not. These factors include the amount and the duration of exposure, person’s age, and the susceptibility of the person to the matter.

Sometimes the person can be affected during the periods at which the cells are active during growth and differentiation and in the childhood stage as the brain is in the process of developing. Therefore, it doesn’t mean once you expose to toxic material that you will have a disease.

Moreover, Every substance can be toxic if it is used in a faulty way like drugs, for example. If you exceed dose of certain drug rather than following the prescribed one that suits your bodyweight, it will become a toxic material that shall be eliminated. Furthermore, the low dose can also cause toxicity if the exposure is continuous or if it happens during the aforementioned periods.

There are many recommendations for the protection and safety of the workers, consumers and the environment. Workers for example, must be protected against adverse health effects from hazardous substances at the workplace, consumers also should be protected against the toxic products that can reach them through foods and cosmetics for example. Moreover, the environment different elements should be protected including the breathing air, the drinking water, atmosphere etc. from any toxic or harmful substances.

In conclusion, we can say that this science is really valuable, since it provides critical information and wide knowledge that can be used by regulatory agencies, decision-makers, and others to develop programs and policies in place with the purpose of eliminating our exposures to these substances. As a result, the likelihood of disease outbreaks or other negative health outcome would be avoided and environment can also breathe better.

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