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F2p VS P2w

You might have come across terms in online games which are P2w and F2p. In online games, there are always two types of players in games. F2p (free to play) players who enjoy the free content of the game and don’t pay for the extra content that the game offers. On the other hand, P2w is the type of players who actively spend money on the game content. P2w (pay to win) and F2p are both essential for online games to flourish. You might be surprised that both contribute to the success of the game, but I will shortly explain why in this blog.

F2p players are one of the main reasons for the success of an online game. Although F2p players don’t contribute to the in-game purchases, they are in fact a ‘free’ advertising for the game. F2p players are in fact the most ‘grindy’ base of any online game. The more they grind in the game, the more publicity the game gets. The more publicity the game gets, the more people are eager to pay in the game. In addition, the publicity of the game brings P2w players who will spend on the in-game content. Companies usually attract F2p players by in-game gifts, competitions, surveys and social media interactions. Companies try not to break the barrier of wanting to gain money and making the game F2p friendly; they give free content and gifts that may cost money to players to keep their F2p players interested in their game.

P2w players are the financial fuel for every online game. They actively spend on the in-game content which in turn will help the game company make more content for all the players. P2w players contribute into attracting F2p players to spend on the game just like P2w players. P2w in the game community show their achievements and progress because in-game purchases enable players to rank higher and easily than F2p players. It’s a privilege for the company to get this type of advertisement to attract their players who use the free services of the game to pay for the extra content. Companies encourage their P2w players to keep spending by making discounts, offers and exclusive P2w content. The trick on keeping those players to spend is not to suffocate them with too much new content but to enable the players to enjoy the money they spend on the game.

Online games not only depend on their advertisement skills but also on their fan-base for their games. F2p and P2w players contribute immensely on the finances and stats of any game and companies try their best to keep this fan-base satisfied as possible to keep the game alive. Both players contribute in the success of any online game and they’re a vital source for companies that need to be invested in.

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