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The biotechnology seems like a buzzword, nowadays you will hear it in different areas extending from classrooms to cafeterias. It can be frequently found in newspapers, magazines, journals and all kinds of media outlets, which include print media to electronic media. We find People are organizing huge meetings, conferences, and workshops on biotechnology, this makes us more curious to know this exciting branch of science. In brief, we will explain the meaning of this branch that received huge importance and significance during the last two decades and our life wouldn’t have been better without it.

Biotechnology has been derived from two simple terms of science, i.e., ‘Biology’ and ‘Technology’. If we just decode this word we will know the hidden meaning of this buzzword which is the use of biological resources in technology to make our life more comfortable. Many scientists give it different definitions. According to one definition biotechnology is: “Application of the principles of engineering and biological science to create new products from raw materials of biological origin, for example, vaccines or food.”, or in other words, it can also be defined as: “the use of living organism/s or their product/s to modify or improve human health and human environment”.

Biotechnology different categories: (1) Ancient Biotechnology, (2) Classical Biotechnology, and (3) Modern Biotechnology.

The field of Biotechnology in our world has been classified according to the purpose it will be used in. Some of the main areas of Biotechnology using a color classification will be illustrated at a short notice.

Red biotechnology (Bophirima) brings together all of those Biotechnology applications connected to medicine (developing new drugs) and veterinary products. As for white biotechnology; it relates to industry and production. Yellow color refers to food production. There are many also colors that refer to many different interests like grey and blue.

Finally, biotechnology has helped in healing our lives. Its usage leads to the reduction of many infectious diseases and forming new tools used in diagnosis. Although some people used it in destruction (bioterrorism), it still has great merits.

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