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Radiology has gained great reputation in medical applications. It accomplishes rapidly evolving changes in the way that healthcare is managed, coupled with the amazing recent advances within imaging.

Radiology is now the fundamental diagnostic tool for many diseases and has an important role in monitoring treatment and predicting the outcome. This technique of imaging helps in the differentiation between many diseases that have the same features.

In many cases, taking a biopsy to check it and know its pathology isn’t a sufficient procedure. Therefore, the radiology takes a valuable position in diagnosis and prognosis.

Honestly, this field becomes so complicated that no individual can keep the level of proficiency needed to practice the entire field of radiology without specialized training that is always needed to acquire knowledge, new techniques and practical experience in order to provide a high level of clinical service.

There is a breakthrough in techniques of radiology as most of them are non-invasive ones that facilitate diagnosis of many diseases. Examples of those techniques include MRI, Ct Scan, Cone Beam...etc.

Thus, radiology techniques have been playing vital role in medical applications, do you think that other techniques of imaging have the same importance?

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