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Giant Pandas

Animals choose where to spend their time in complex and dynamic landscapes, choices that expose information about their biology that in turn can be used to guide their conservation. Well, we have to know that the relationship between animals and their environments is a central component of wildlife ecology.

The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), which is the most known type of any species of the wild animals, is extremely threatened in its local habitat in China. Pandas exist in zoos and in reserves in China but only a small number has been seen in Europe or North America.

Survival of the remaining native pandas depends on the existence of bamboo which is considered as their main food source, and it makes up over 99% of their diet. Bamboo usually is found in areas that are often rugged, with steep mountainsides and rapidly changing elevation.

According to a study made on the giant pandas, it has been proven that giant pandas can discriminate face-like shapes, also they can discriminate the emotional expressions of humans.

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