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Meat for Body Health

There is no doubt that eating red meat has great benefits on human bodies due to its nutritional importance. Since it contains high biological value protein, vitamins (vitamin B12) and other important micronutrients, it is an essential component for good health. To have a complete and balanced diet it should contain meat in moderate amounts, together with starchy carbohydrates (including wholegrain foods), plenty of fruit and vegetables, and moderate amounts of milk and dairy foods.

The amount of energy that is gotten by eating meat is variable depending on the amount of fats in it. Meat contains protein with a part of fat that is variable as we mentioned and it totally has no carbohydrates. Protein in meat increases during cooking, as the water content is decreased in contrast to the raw meat.

It is important to mention that dietary protein is needed for growth, strengthening and repair of the human body. It can also provide the body with the needed energy. We will discuss the main function and composition of protein in a separate article…Don’t miss it 😊.

Finally, you should keep in mind that although meat is a very important diet but never to consume it in an over-limit as according to the recent studies that have been made, there is an evidence-based conclusion that high consumption of red meat, and especially processed meat, is associated with an increased risk of several major chronic diseases as diabetes, heart failure, stroke…etc. and may lead to mortality.

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