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Know Science…To Know Life

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Life science is a deep study that includes various intellectual activities to examine every living organism on earth passing by small structures like bacteria reaching huge structures as beluga whales. This knowledge helps in understanding the total ecology of Earth planet.

There is no doubt that the main aim of researching in life science is to learn everything about life on this planet in an attempt to improve man's ability to manage and protect his environment through knowing the ways of living a comfortable life by knowing how to feed and clothe himself, and to prolong his fruitful years. Also, this knowledge can help in the protection of many diseases that can lead to death by knowing its structure to form a defending mechanism against it through the invention of different medications and types of medical equipment.

There are many different forms of sciences you can study. Many life science researchers focus on one class or organism. There are more than thirty main different branches of life sciences as ecology, zoology, genetics, epidemiology, and paleontology, in addition to other ten branches of life sciences as biotechnology, bioinformatics, and synthetic biology.

However, you have to take into consideration that there is development of sciences and knowledges every day, and the reader has to know that the disciplinary terms he has read in books have changed and developed. For example the hematologists, who only yesterday were describing changes in the morphology of blood cells in leukemia as seen with a light microscope, are now closely involved in understanding the manner in which nucleic acids control the differentiation process among white blood cell types.

Finally, we deduced that the main reason to go into life science is that it offers the study of every living organism in the universe, past and present which is a pretty gigantic field. The probabilities are good that you’ll be able to find a specific area that catches your interest.


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