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How Can People Affect the Ecosystem?

To define the ecosystem we can simply say that it is the community of different groups of living organisms that live and interact together in a specific environment. The ecosystem contains two different components according to its physical definition namely: (biotic) that means living structure like plants, humans, and animals and (Abiotic) which is the certain physical environment with specific properties including temperature, climate, and humidity.

There is no doubt that each factor in the ecosystem depends on each other in both direct and indirect ways by giving an example which is the dependence of the growth of plants on the temperature.

The entire surface of Earth is a series of connected ecosystems. Although these systems are connected, each one is distinct. They're generally organized, based on the types of plants and animals that live in them, for example the grassland ecosystems have this name because they consist of herbivores (animals that eat plants only).

They eat the grass, then they feed the soil with their droppings to enable the grass to grow, then the plant allows the humidity, and the bacteria help in the microscopic world by protecting all kinds of animals from diseases and helping in their digestion process so all the previous factors preserve the balance that exists.

People can make changes in these ecosystems via agriculture, transportation, industry…etc. Therefore, the human’s desire to change the nature and inventing new things is endless.

Unfortunately changing the ecosystems have impact on climate change. We can see all these changes everywhere. When trees are taken down in the Amazon forest for example, the ecosystems change as species struggle to survive and change also includes both the local humidity and the climate. Moreover, building dams for example also changes the distribution of water and affects the species living in rivers.

We can’t deny that new innovations can improve quality of our lives, but unfortunately, this has side effects on the ecosystems and may lead to nature destruction. Accordingly, having balance between people's needs and healthy environment can save our world.

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