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Eve Clark

Today we will shed light on one of the most popular linguists all over the world; Eve Clark. She was born in 1942. She is a British linguist who earned her PhD in Linguistics in 1969. Currently, she works at Stanford University as a Professor of Linguistics.

Clark's research focuses on the acquisition of first language, especially the acquisition of the meaning and the principles in word-formation compared across children and languages. She has done a wide range of observational and experimental research on the varying issues in lexicon and language use. Some of her most significant studies come from the communication between children and adults, where she determines how vital these interactions are for the extra development of language for young children. Some of her current studies address what children can learn about conventional methods to say things based on adult responses to child faults during acquisition. She has studied the pragmatics of creating words.

Eve Clark extended her research on children's understanding of new words, while focusing specifically on the knowledge and identification of colors. She revealed that children find difficulty in learning and understanding the label for each color, so her research directed her to study some tips to help children. Clark emphasized attention as a key piece of acquiring the terms for colors. When the child and the adult share the attention together, the child is able to learn colors, and furthermore, the complex shades and hues of that color. Along with joint attention, Clark found that in order for a child to learn the terms for colors, the child and adult must interact with a conversation. Without direct attention, the children will struggle to grasp concepts on their own because there is nobody to tell them what is right or wrong. Clark’s study isn’t important only for children but also for adults as her pioneering work can also help adults to understand how they pick up second languages.

After reading about such a brilliant linguist, can you share with us your opinion about her achievements in linguistics?

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