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COVID Implications Go Beyond Human Bodies!

Did you know about COVID vaccines & therapies, think about their pros & cons, read about the total number of deaths that COVIDO left? What about the mental wellbeing for you & your beloved ones, would you like to have a deeper look into mental problems the pandemic left and how we can overcome all of them, please continue reading!

- With isolation, loss of jobs, closure of child care centers, schools and universities people’s mental health has been at stake.

- Symptoms of depressive disorders, anxiety, suicidal ideation, substance use have increased among frontline respondents & people at all ages.

- Parents have been worried about their children because of isolation, lack of social interaction & long hours they spend with their smart devices.

- Unemployment conditions have negatively affected people’s mental wellness.

- Yet, governments and a number of communities all over the world are cooperating to mitigate such mental disorders in multiple ways.

- In many countries local authorities were asked to incorporate psychological crisis interventions into their pandemic response plans.

- Psychological assistance hotlines have also taken over a critical task to reduce the mental disorders confronted by a large number of populations & also frontline healthcare workers.

- Community actions that strengthen social cohesion and reduce loneliness have also been employed, for example supporting activities that help isolated older adults stay connected.

- Organizing community-based services have also been effective to protect and promote people’s human rights, by involving those with lived experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of services.

After all, we also can play a fruitful role to mitigate such mental implications by helping unemployed friends to get suitable jobs, spending more time with our family members, calling our friends and being prepared for a near future with no more COVID.

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